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Four Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections

Elevate Your Home Safety with a inspection from 

Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections!

Your home is your sanctuary, and at Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections, we're committed to making it the safest and most secure place for you and your loved ones. We're thrilled to                                                                                                           introduce you to our                                                                                                                         comprehensive Four-Point and                                                                                                       Wind Mitigation Inspections,                                                                                                           designed to fortify your peace of                                                                                                     mind and protect your precious                                                                                                       investment.



Our Services:

��� Four-Point Inspections: Delve into the heart of your home's essential systems – electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and the roof. Our Four-Point Inspections uncover hidden issues, allowing you to take proactive steps in ensuring your home's safety.


���️ Wind Mitigation Inspections: Living in Florida means being ready for windstorms. Our Wind Mitigation Inspections focus on assessing your property's resilience to fierce wind events. Rest easy, knowing your home is fortified to withstand the worst of Mother Nature.


But wait, there's more! Our revamped website offers a wealth of resources to empower you, including:

��� Links to Permit Searches: Gain instant access to permit searches for the entire USA, the state of Florida, and various counties and cities. This invaluable resource ensures the integrity of construction and renovation projects in your vicinity.


��� HVAC and Water Heater Dates: Access vital information on the installation and replacement dates of HVAC and water heater systems in your area. This knowledge is your secret weapon for planning preventive maintenance and replacements, saving you both time and money.


Discover Our Services and Learn More:

At Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections, we're more than inspectors; we're your partners in ensuring your home remains your safe haven. Our certified experts bring years of experience and know-how to every inspection, guaranteeing your peace of mind.


To schedule your Four-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections, simply visit our website and book your inspections with ease. We're excited to welcome you as a new customer, ready to provide you with the same excellence that our existing clients have grown to love.


Should you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at (727)275-3760 or or Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections. We're here to make your home inspection journey as seamless and informative as possible.


Thank you for selecting Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections as your guardians of property safety and security. We eagerly anticipate serving you and ensuring that your home remains a haven of security and comfort for years to come.

Traditional Pricing:

  • $100.00 ( Individual Inspection )
  • $150.00 ( Combination Inspection )
  • Same Day/Rush Filing ($25.00)
  • Discounts may be applied for Clients  scheduling multiple same day Inspections*

Four Point &
Wind Mitigation

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