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Wind Mitigation

Traditional Pricing:

  • $100.00
  • Discounts may be applied for multiple same day schedulings*

Four Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections

Enhance Roofing Services with

Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections


As a reputable roofing company, you are dedicated to ensuring that your clients have sturdy, reliable roofs over their heads. However, roof integrity is only part of the equation when it comes to home safety and insurance compliance.


Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections is here to provide a comprehensive solution to bolster your roofing services and empower homeowners. Our specialized Four-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections go beyond just examining the roof, ensuring the entire home is protected.



                                                                    What We Offer:

                                                                                                  Four-Point Inspections: Our                                                                                                          Four-Point Inspections cover                                                                                                        essential systems, including                                                                                                        electrical, plumbing, HVAC,                                                                                                          and the roof. We meticulously    assess these components, providing detailed insights that can help homeowners enhance their insurance coverage and reduce premiums. This not only protects your clients but also makes your roofing projects more valuable.

Wind Mitigation Inspections:

In Florida, wind mitigation is a crucial aspect of home safety. Our Wind Mitigation Inspections evaluate a property's ability to withstand severe windstorms, an essential consideration in hurricane-prone areas. By offering our services, you can reassure homeowners of their property's resilience and enhance your reputation.


Why Partner with Us:

Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections goes above and beyond standard inspections. We understand that your roofing projects can benefit from a broader perspective of home safety, and that's exactly what we provide.


In addition to our inspection services, our website serves as a valuable resource for both roofing companies and homeowners. We offer easy access to permit searches across the USA, the state of Florida, and various counties and cities. This helps ensure that your projects are fully compliant with local regulations.


Moreover, our website includes HVAC and water heater installation and replacement dates for many properties. This data allows you to plan your roofing projects more efficiently, as it provides insights into the age and condition of critical systems.


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Elevate your roofing services with Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections. Partner with us to ensure comprehensive home safety for your clients, making your roofing projects even more reliable and valuable.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential partnership, please feel free to reach out to us at (727)275-3760 or or Blue Olive Tree Home Inspections.


Thank you for your time, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with your roofing company.

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